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A Quiet Place

Grøssar med Emily Blunt og John Krasinski.
Vesen som blir tiltrekt av lyd har utrydda ein stor del av menneska på jorda. Ein familie på fire gøymer seg på ein gard, der dei berre kommuniserer med kvarandre via teiknspråk. Men mora er gravid, og kvar minste lyd vil verte slutten for dei alle...

Sjekk korleis folk har reagert på filmen:

(Film School Rejects) A Quiet Place is a rare thing: a horror film from a major studio that blends high-concept with jump scares and manages to pull both of them off.

(Black Girl Nerds) If you want to watch an edge-of-your-seat horror thriller with extraordinary performances, impressive sound editing and a well-driven story structure - A Quiet Place is definitely a film to add on your radar.

(We Got This Covered) John Krasinski orchestrates a loud and ferocious symphony of sonic scares that will assert A Quiet Place as one of the year's most terrorizing films.

(Variety) Sometimes, getting on the clever/whatever wavelength of a horror film and just rolling with can be a part of the fun. "A Quiet Place" is that kind of movie.

(RogerEbert) A tight thrill ride-the kind of movie that quickens the heart rate and plays with the expectations of the audience, while never treating them like idiots. In other words, it's a really good horror movie.

Jacob Knight@JacobQKnight

A QUIET PLACE: who would’ve thought John Krasinski had an all-timer horror picture in him? One of best mainstream creature features in years with a wild pure cinema experimental streak. What a brilliant bit of a genre cinema that’s equal parts Spielberg and Romero.

Scott Weinberg

Hoooly shit. A Quiet Place is a kick-ass horror flick. Masterful use of sound design. Audience went pretty nuts for this one.

James Preston Poole@JamesPPoole

A QUIET PLACE is a new horror classic. Omg I am shaking

Eric Vespe

A Quiet Place milks its high concept (make a sound and a monster will get you) for all it is worth. Justifiably filled with jump scares but it never feels cheap. Whole cast was great. Smart, fun, tense, different. Big recommend from me.

Jason Bailey

A QUIET PLACE: Ruthlessly efficient and brutally effective stuff. Krasinski knows how to move his camera, and how to build bomb-under-the-table suspense. Went in skeptical; an excellent surprise.

Meredith Borders@xymarla

Holy shit, A QUIET PLACE is for real. John Krasinski made a horror movie that’s wholly original and, btw, really, REALLY scary.